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Introducing the 2024-2025 Executive Officers and Board of Directors

Executive Officers


Eugene Lee


Vice President

Daniel Chung

Spencer Fane


Christable Lee

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals


Eric Kim

Ropers Majeski

Board of Directors

Monica Chang
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius

Tae Kim


Sun Seo

Marin County District Attorney's Office

Student Board Members

Ashley Yeijin Dhong

Georgetown Law '25

Ju Lee

UC Law SF '25

Taylor Yun Kim

UC Law SF '25

Sungmin Kim

UC Law SF '26

Hyein Kim

UC Davis Law '25

Hannah Lee

UC Law SF '26

Allison Ku

UC Law SF '25

Samuel Park

UC Law SF '26

Past Presidents

2023-2024 Elizabeth Kim

2022-2023 Stephan Choo

2021-2022 Shinhong Byun

2019-2020 Kyong Kim

2018-2019 Joseph Suh

2017-2018 Alison Hong

2016-2017 Matthew Ahn 

2015-2016 Suhi Koizumi

2014-2015 John Hong

2013-2014 Taewoong Koo

2012-2013 Sophie Bae 

2011-2012 Kristina Chung 

2010-2011 Jang Hyuk Im

2009-2010 Anna Suh

2008-2009 Jae Yi

2007-2008 Thomas Kim

2006-2007 Patricia Kim

2004-2005 Salle Yoo


The Korean American Bar Association of Northern California was founded to encourage and promote the professional growth of Korean-American attorneys and law students; to foster networking, support, and the exchange of ideas and information among its members and the Bay Area community.

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